First term and first thoughts about Journalism

First term has come to its end so I am a little bit closer to the art of words. Here you have some –perhaps premature– thoughts about my learnings and the beauty of this job.

We drink water and our bodies are made of approximately 60-70% of this liquid. Somehow, we become what we consume. The same thing happens with Journalism. How do you want to become 100% journalist if you do not consume media daily?

This term I met Pressure. She weights eleven tonnes, so imagine what is like to work under her, under Pressure. I am afraid she will accompany me during these years, but I am sure sometime I will get on with her well –just because it contains the word “press.”

I learnt that you can build a paragraph with one sentence.

(Just like that)

An active voice does not need to be used by me, I need to make use of an active voice.

And I also learnt that the verb “say” is better than any other verb. However, I would not have passed my English Exams with an A if I had not used synonyms such as “tell,” “state,” “announce,” “declare,” “assert,” “allege,” “affirm,” “enunciate,” “claim,” “exclaim,” “proclaim,” and so on. But, you know, this makes me think that studying Journalism is learning about the complexity of simplicity.

So, although I am not a sporty person, I will always be happy to run stories.



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