Tears on the Catalan Crisis

‘Sadness’ is the most generalised sentiment among Catalans, our last report says

The political instability in Catalonia has widespread to an economic and social breakdown. While hundreds of headquarters are fleeing from Catalonia, the numbers of medical consultations due to anxiety and the demand for sleeping pills are getting bigger since the 1st of October, Tarragona Radio says.

Currently, there is a shared feeling of frustration between unionists and separatists. Our report shows the most-used words by Catalans to describe their emotions concerning the present events.

A banner shown on the unionist mass demonstration that took place the 8th of October on the streets of Barcelona by 350,000 people. IMAGE: S. Castro

TOP Ranking

  1. Sadness
  2. Impotence
  3. Indignation

“Although I support independence, I wish we could have arrived here differently,” says Anna.

“I never thought this could happen in my homeland. It is insane,” says Hugo.

  • How did we arrive here?

Catalonia held a referendum on independence the 1st of October, which was declared illegal by the Spanish central government. Almost 90% of Catalan voters supported independence but turnout was only 43%.

Tensions have been escalating since then, with the imposition of direct rule to suspend Catalonia’s autonomy, the fled of President Carles Puigdemont to Belgium and the imprisonment of eight ex-ministers and two leading activists with charges of sedition and rebellion.

The Spanish President Mariano Rajoy called for an early election on the Parliament of Catalonia for the 21st of December.

  • Terminological analysis: What does the media say?
    – Overseas, this conflict is known as the “Catalan Crisis.” In Spain, this name is only given by unionist media.
    – The two Spanish newspapers with the largest circulation, El País and El Mundo, also entitle these events “The Secessionist Challenge.”
    – Pro-independence media such as Nació Digital, TV3 and Ara, uses the words “Catalan process” and the “Consequences of the 1st of October.”
    – Wikipedia has opened an entry for the Catalan Crisis. It is name is the “Spanish Constitutional Crisis” but it also adopts “Catalan Crisis.”
    – Unionist media calls pro-independence people “nationalists,” “separatists,” and “secessionists.”

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